Biography: There is more than one artist with this name:1) Helix is a Canadian hard rock/heavy metal band that formed in 1974 for a Battle of the Bands contest in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and is best known for their 1984 single "Rock You". The original lineup consisted of singer Brian Vollmer, guitarists Brent Doerner and Paul Hackman, bassist Keith Zurbrigg and drummer Brian Doerner. In 1992, Hackman died when the group's van rolled down a 40-foot enbankment after a concert in Vancouver. The band recorded the song "That Day Is Gonna Come", as a tribute to Hackman, and the video for the song featured unique Super 8 and video footage shot by Vollmer on the road over the years.Helix released two independent albums, entitled Breaking Loose and White Lace & Black Leather in 1979 and 1981 respectively. They then signed to Capitol Records and releasing several Canadian hit albums in the '80s - No Rest For The Wicked, Walkin' The Razor's Edge and Long Way To Heaven. Walkin' the Razor's Edge sold more than 100,000 copies in Canada and 400,000 internationally.The lead singer and sole member to remain in the band throughout their career is Brian Vollmer. Currently Brian manages every aspect of the Helix organization from booking tours to distributing Helix merchandise. He also teaches the classical vocal technique Bel Canto in London (where he also lives) as well as singing classical music at weddings and funerals throughout southern Ontario.Helix has toured with KISS, Aerosmith, Rush, Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Heart, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P., and Motörhead. In October 2006, the song "Heavy Metal Love" was to be featured on the soundtrack for the Trailer Park Boys movie, however at the last minute the track was pulled by Dean Cameron, president of EMI Canada as distribution of the CD was being handled by Universal, and not EMI.A latest CD entitled Get Up! was released in 2007 featuring six new songs and a re-recording of "Heavy Metal Love."( much of their music can be heard full length at and a very complete bio is at )2) Alias of Beau Thigpen. Techno, grime, and southern rap-influenced producer from Atlanta, released on All Caps and well-known British bass/whatchamacallit label Night Slugs. 3) Helix helix, part of marionette records and resident at the crash bang wallop nights(RIP) in leeds, has been producing for over 6 years now, has had releases on marionette, deformat, and dead channel, currently working on a new album and my ableton sets, check my my space page, if you live in the uk or europe and want me to play give me a shout. i dont charge much if anything, all i ask for is travel costs and some free drinks… ive had a bit of a hiatus this year to focus on my guitar playing ability, but im back on it now so keep an eye out for some fresh helix bizness very soon4) Helix is an independent electronic music producer based in Oregon, USA, who has released a series of electro / breaks / industrial tracks on the Newgrounds Audio Portal. His music is characterized by stomping beats and deep, heavy basslines. More info on Another Helix was a long-established British happy hardcore and trancecore producer, active from the mid-90's into the early 2000's.
Helix Albums
Power of Rock N Roll Power of Rock N Roll Aug 20, 2007
Live in Buffalo 1983 Live in Buffalo 1983 Apr 27, 2004
Breaking Loose Breaking Loose Jan 01, 1979
Back for Another Taste Back for Another Taste Oct 19, 1993
Bastard of the Blues Bastard of the Blues Apr 27, 2014
Vagabond Bones Vagabond Bones Nov 15, 2009
Half Alive Half Alive May 19, 1998