Biography: There are 3 bands named Martyrium:1) Melodic black metal band from Malta2) German black metal band (osnabrück)This band formed 1990 and was split-up 1995. This is the one who did " L.V.X. Occulta" 1994.Last known line-up:Daevas - vocals, bass (Secrets of the Moon)Aharon - guitar (Exordium: 418)Neophyte - drums3) German atmospheric black metal band (bremen)Martyrium was formed autumn 1996 by Brân and Mythos. We started with two guitars and a keyboard, that was played by Dante, to experiment with some sounds and try to find a way to express our feelings. Later another friend, Mortis, was found to play the bass. All members except Brân never played in a band before. Dante, who hasn't even played keyboard before, left the band and canceled to play keyboard. Then the keyboard was programmed for sounds and drums. In winter 1999 new equipment gave us the opportunity to record our songs on PC. And with some help of a friend our first CD was made, but not published. On this CD 'Sootheing Impressions and the Rending of a Soul' Nivalis appeared first time with her female vocals.November 2000 we had rearranged some songs and recorded new songs with new software. We liked the results and decided to publish them on we put these songs together and formed the album 'Martyrium' that was sent so some magazines and got some nice feedback. But that was our only success with that album and so we decided to just follow our hobby and write some songs. As a result 2002 the album 'When Nothingness Entwines the Being' was born and our songs are now all available for download over the net. Hope you enjoy some!
Martyrium Albums